Posts in Year 2018

Installing New Pedal Covers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year ! For Christmas, I received a gift of new pedal covers (Figure 1 and 2) for my Miata. These are made by I.L. Motorsport and were purchased at Moss Miata.

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Replacing the Passenger-side Tail Light

In the beginning of October, while reversing the Miata I ended up not looking properly and hit the rear of the car onto my truck’s bumper leading to the passenger side tail light breaking as shown in Figure 1. I felt like a fool and quickly took a picture of it, parked the car back in the garage and went about ordering a replacement on eBay. I found one from one of the sellers for $75 and ordered it.

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Replacing the Glove box

A few weeks ago I had ordered a replacement glove box from eBay for the Miata. The glove box that came with it would fall off because its locking mechanism was irrepairably broken as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

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Interior Detailing and CEL P0140

I finally found time to get the car a good wash and decided to pay for interior detailing to see how it is done by a professional and how good the results can be. The interior was quite dirty as the previous owner had not cleaned the car for over a year or so.

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Getting Rid of CEL Code P0171

I looked around on and found this post that explained potential causes for the check engine light (CEL) code P0171.

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Fixing Broken License Plate Bolts

To drive a car on the street one needs license plates, and in New Jersey you need it to be both in the front and back. The Miata did not have any bumper holes in the front to attach a license plate, and the rear bolts were broken like in Figure 1 below.

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Project Autocross Miata - A Beginning

For almost two years I had been watching several videos on Youtube and reading the projectcar Reddit, I saved up some money and took the plunge towards building my own autocross car and bought a 1999 Mazda MX-5 Miata, also known as the NB Miata.

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