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Lower Oil Pan Replacement on the Infiniti G35 Coupe

I did another oil change on the Infiniti G35 Coupe but the oil leak that was happening from the oil pan drain bolt did not stop, despite replacing it with a new washer. So it was time to replace the lower oil pan so that the oil leak would stop.

This job is actually very easy, and can be done within an hour if you have the parts available.

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Oil Change on 4th gen. Toyota 4Runner V6

I purchased a 2008 Toyota 4Runner Limited (4th generation) with the 4.0L V6 engine, in June 2021, to replace my aging and failing 2005 Dodge Ram 1500. In the five years I owned the Ram 1500, I never towed anything. I did use the truck to carry some large and heavy loads but that is so rare for me now, that if you run the numbers it is cheaper to rent a truck from Home Depot for that purpose. So I went with a 4Runner with a V6 engine, since I have always wanted one and unlike a 5th generation Runner it had the multi-mode 4WD with locking and unlocking center differential. I also have never been off-roading and hope to go someday this year with the 4Runner.

I had driven it about 5000 miles in 8 months and it was time to do an oil change, since the oil change MAINT light was blinking on the dash. This post outlines how to do the oil change in a V6 4th generation 4Runner and it is very simple.

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Oil Change on the Infiniti G35 Coupe

Getting a stock G35 Coupe ready for the track and/or drifting, requires a lot of preparation. Given the time constraints, I plan to do the most important things first. The most important thing is to make sure that the engine has fresh engine oil. Doing an oil change on the G35 is quite easy, and I outline the steps here.

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Oil Change on the Porsche Boxster S

The Porsche Boxster S had not really had a full oil change since I procured it. After having driven it about a few hundred miles over the last year, I finally found time and decided to change the oil and the oil filter. was running a sale on the LiquiMoly 0W-40 oil change kit along with the OEM Hengst Oil Filter for under $100 with free shipping, so I purchased the kit. This post is to show how to do the oil change. It is quite simple.

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Oil Change in the Briggs And Stratton Engine

Before I fix the ignition problem on the Briggs and Stratton engine that I bought on a whim the other day, I needed to complete an oil change.

I looked at the Operating and Maintenance manual and it said I needed to use 590 mL of SAE 30 weight oil which I bought at my local auto parts store for about $7.

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