Infiniti G35 Coupe Resources

It has been two weeks since I have had the G35 Coupe but I have not even begun fixing its issues and performing basic maintenance. However, I have driven it about a 100 miles locally and it is a blast to drive. Last weekend, I went to a local autocross with my Miata, so could not spend time on the G35. However, I have taken Friday off this week to try fixing some issues.

But first, I needed to do research on the maintenance needed and am documenting it for myself here.


The first thing I needed was a factory service manual so I could understand the car. The car did not come with an owner’s manual, which I purchased used for $22 on eBay. I considered the Haynes book for the G35 Coupe as I had purchased one for the Miata, but the reviews on Amazon for the version of the book for the G35 were not good. So I decided to not buy it, and instead looked online. Fortunately provides all the service manuals for several Nissan and Infiniti models for free.

I downloaded all the ones specific to my 2005 G35 Coupe and am hosting it on this site for reference. Below are the links to each section:


There are some forums that I am actively researching on:

Some of these forums have many build threads for making your car ready for the track or drifting.


The G35 and 350Z are mechanically similar, and physically close to each other. So a lot of 350Z tips work for the G35 too.